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Thursday, October 19th, 2017 – Morning:

9:00 am “Living Off-Earth. What are some of the key issues that must be overcome and what breakthrough technologies might make this happen?” Moderator – Anita Gale.
This session considers some of the key technological issues that must be resolved to sustain space settlement and what technologies on the horizon might make a fundamental difference to the economics and sustainability of space settlement.

Dr. Hugh Herr  –  MIT

Dr. Hugh Herr is Associate Professor, Media Arts and Sciences Associate Professor, Harvard-MIT Division of Health Sciences and Technology. Hugh directs the Biomechatronics group at The MIT Media Lab. His research program seeks to advance technologies that promise to accelerate the merging of body and machine, including device architectures that resemble the body’s musculoskeletal design, actuator technologies that behave like muscle, and control methodologies that exploit principles of biological movement. His methods encompass a diverse set of scientific and technological disciplines, from the science of biomechanics and biological movement control to the design of biomedical devices for the treatment of human physical disability. His research accomplishments in science and technology have already made a significant impact on physically challenged people. The Transfemoral Quasipassive Knee Prosthesis has been commercialized by Össur Inc., and is now benefiting amputees throughout the world.  In 2006, he founded the company iWalk Inc. to commercialize the Powered Ankle-Foot Prosthesis and other bionic leg devices.

10:30 am Coffee Break.

11:00 am “A New Wild West. What Regulation and Enforcement Methods are Needed to Give Settlers Security and Certainty?” Moderator – Dale Amon.

This session is designed to pose questions about securing the rights of companies and settlers on the new frontier.

Thursday Afternoon

12:30 pm Lunch with speaker

2:00 pm Breakout Session for group discussion.

3:30 pm Coffee Break

4:00 pm Wrap up Session. Moderator – Mark Hopkins.

5:30 pm Close. Dale Amon.

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