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Wednesday, October 18th, 2017 –  Morning:

Opening Session: Goals and purpose of the event.

Dale Amon is a founder and CEO at Immortal Data Inc. and on the National Space Society’s Board of Directors. Amon has worked in technology, academia, and music in the United States and the United Kingdom, and in Northern Ireland. He is a technology entrepreneur of many ventures, one of which was the first Internet service provider in Ireland. He has worked at Queens University in Belfast and Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh. At the latter he did hand-eye robotics at the Robotics Institute and haptic control systems for NASA in the Computer Music Lab. He was a Senior Engineer on the Lynx Spaceplane at XCOR Aerospace and has worked with several other New Space ventures. His company, Immortal Data Inc. has worked with Exos Aerospace, Excalibur Almaz, XCOR Aerospace, General Dynamics and others.

Opening: NSS and Space Settlement. The coming opportunities.

Mark Hopkins currently serves as Chairman of the Executive Committee (the Chief Executive Officer) of the National Space Society.  He has served as a National Space Socity Officer in one position or another for 35 of the last 41 years. Hopkins, a California Institute of Technology and Harvard educated economist, has written numerous articles concerning space economics.  He is a former Rand Corporation economist and is responsible for most of the early economic studies of Space Settlements, which were done while working closely with Gerard O’Neill, Father of the first modern Space Settlement concept. Hopkins initiated the merger negotiations and conducted most of the L-5 side of the discussions, which led to the creation of the National Space Society from the L-5 Society and NSI in 1987.

9:00 am “Why Space Settlement” – Moderator Bruce Pittman.
This session is intended to pose some fundamental questions about why humanity will settle space. This has a social humanities perspective and will blend the views of why the general public believes we should do this alongside the perspectives of the billionaires who are putting their own money on the table to make it happen now. What are the reasons why humanity will settle space?

Bruce Pittman is currently working as a contractor at the NASA Ames Research Center in Silicon Valley where he is the Chief System Engineer in the NASA Space Portal Office.  In this position Mr. Pittman supports the NASA on programs ranging from orbital applications of the International Space Station and other orbiting commercial facilities; to low cost, reliable access to space, reusable space infrastructure as well as cis-lunar commercialization.  He is also the Senior Vice President and Senior Operating Officer of the National Space Society and Chairman of the Commercial Space Group for the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics.

10:30 am Coffee Break.

11:00 am  “Financing the Frontier – Who Decides Where We Go, When, and What are the New Funding Paradigms?” – moderator
What role will Governments play as commercial forces begin to dictate where we go and when? Various players in the New Space era are pursuing previously unheard of financing mechanisms. What will be the source and structure of the funding of space settlement and what do we need to do to ensure this happens?

Hoyt Davidson is the founder and Managing Partner of Near Earth LLC. Previously he was a Managing Director in the Telecomm Group at Credit Suisse First Boston. Davidson’s investment banking career began in 1987 as an associate and  one of only  approximately 100 bankers at Donaldson, Lufkin & Jenrette. He was part of the phenomenal growth and success of DLJ to over 1,000 bankers by the time of its acquisition by CSFB in 2000. At DLJ, Davidson was a co-founder of the firm’s  Space Finance Group, Wall Street’s first dedicated industry coverage group for the satellite industry. He was one of two Managing Directors of the Space Finance Group. The group raised over billion for satellite related entities and held a number one market share for several years. Prior to investment banking, Davidson was a Senior Research Engineer in the Space Systems Division of Lockheed Missiles and Space Company.

Wednesday Afternoon

12:30 pm Lunch with speaker.

2:00 pm  “What Do We Do When We Get There? What are the Economic Drivers?” – Moderator
A look at some of the practical things that will be done in settlements or facilities Off-Earth. What are some of the economic opportunities that might help sustain space settlement? What needs to happen for these opportunities to become reality?

Kirby Ikin is the Founding Director and Chief Underwriter for Catalyst Space Insurance based in Sydney Australia. Catalyst Space Insurance is a space insurance underwriting agency formed to address the rapidly evolving insurance needs of the New Space era. In-space manufacturing, reusable launch technologies, commercial space habitats, and commercial in situ resource utilization all require new types of insurance as part of the fabric of the new in-space economy. His new role at Catalyst blends his previous space insurance experience with has extensive involvement with various New Space ventures including as Co-Founder and President of Deep Space Industries. Kirby is also the Managing Director of Asia Pacific Aerospace Consultants (APAC), located in Sydney, Australia. APAC offers broad consulting services to the civil and commercial space industry, the evaluation of space based capabilities to meet Australian needs, market analysis, industry analysis, risk management and insurance advice. Kirby has a long and varied involvement within the Australian Space Industry and has held executive positions with various space interest groups. Currently, he is the Chairman of the Board of the National Space Society.

John Mankins

Dr. John C. Mankins is Founder and President of Mankins Space Technology, Inc., a start-up company, focused on the objective of developing and commercializing novel space systems solutions and new technologies, primarily those involving applications of highly modular systems architectures Mr. Mankins’ 25-year career at NASA and CalTech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) ranged from flight projects and space mission operations, to systems level innovation and advanced technology research & development management. For 10 years, he was the manager of Advanced Concepts Studies at NASA, and the lead for critical studies of space solar power, highly reusable space transportation, affordable human exploration approaches, and other topics. He was the creator or co-creator of numerous novel concepts, including the ‘MagLifter’ electromagnetic launch assist system, the Internet-based NASA ‘Virtual Research Center’ the ‘Solar Clipper’ interplanetary transport vehicle, the ‘SunTower’ space solar power system, the ‘Hybrid Propellant Module’ for in-space refueling, the ‘HabBot’ mobile planetary outpost architecture, the Advanced Technology Life cycle Analysis System (ATLAS), and others.

James Karavella

James Keravala is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of OffWorld Consortium developing industrial space infrastructure including space based solar power, propellant depots, space robotics and cis-lunar operations. He started his career in the space launch industry managing launch programs overseeing over a dozen successful orbital launches on Russian, European and U.S. launch vehicles. Satellite design, integration engineering and program management were part of this process. Keravala also architected major space programs including new space agencies and launches at Surrey Satellite Technology and Shackleton Energy space propellant depots utilizing requiring lunar mining and a continuous supply of fuel in space. He is on advisory boards and Board of Directors of a number of space institutes including the National Space Society.

Karlton Johnson

Karlton D. Johnson (Colonel, USAF-Retired) is Director of Information Risk Management at Arconic Inc (formally “Alcoa Inc.”) leading all aspects of cyber and ICT critical data risk management and protection, regulatory compliance, supply chain risk assessment, threat response and remediation for the company.  He is a senior executive and strategic leader with over 29 years of experience designing innovative cyber / Information and Communications Technology (ICT) solutions that enabled business transformation globally for large, multinational organizations. A decorated combat veteran,  he’s led teams up to 1,500 personnel, exercised strategic leadership in organizations of up to 28,000 personnel, managed budgets up to million and resource portfolios up to billion in assets.  Recently, he served as the Vice President, Business Development, Alcoa Defense in Washington, D.C.  where he led all business development efforts for the air, space and combat support segments of Alcoa Defense, and was responsible for the development of strategy, execution of new business pursuits and the stewardship of existing relationships with defense prime contractors and the Department of Defense.

3:30 pm Coffee Break.

4:00 pm Breakout session for group discussions.

5:30 pm Reception

7:00 pm Dinner with Speakers and entertainment

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