”There is now consensus in our Congress and executive branch establishing a national ambition to lead in enabling thriving communities in space--and this is to be a central purpose of our space program. The Space Settlement Summit was an all-star networking event that brought together thought leaders from across the space movement to focus their attention on the policies and strategies and partnerships foundational to space settlement.”

Peter Garretson,

”The Space Settlement Summit is a great venue to connect with the visionaries in the field of space development and space settlement. It directly supports my current interests in space resources since utilizing space resources is the key to sustainable space development.”

George Sowers,

”Stars must have aligned when I was invited to meet various people from NSS and other space agencies at my house last year. I was promptly invited to their Space Settlement Summit the next day. I quickly called my close friend Apl.de.Ap from the Black Eyed Peas to share the moment. We were both so amazed to meet so many amazing scientists from different fields from the Space Program. At the summit we learned about the advances and preparation for Mars colonization. I have always been a space enthusiast since I was a child, particularly since my Grandfather worked for NASA as a engineer in which he worked on many of the Apollo Missions including the 2nd Stage of the lunar landing module. Since then I have kept up with Chantelle Blair who invited me to DJ for Yuri’s Night at the California Science Center under the Endeavor Space Shuttle. I have always wished that one day I would be able to meet people who are actively working in Space exploration and my wish came true.”

Black Eyed Peas,

”I found the Space Settlement Summit to be a truly valuable event. The broad range of topics, the breadth and depth of expertise and the lively discussion make this a meeting not to be missed by anyone interested in space settlement.”

Dan Rasky, NASA Ames ,

”My dad was a rocket scientist but I am definitely not cut from the same scientific cloth! I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the Space Settlement Summit and was fascinated by the lively discussion and the exciting questions addressed by the exceptional folks in attendance”

Harry Hamlin,