October 18-19-2017


Le Meridien Delfina, 530 Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, CA 90405




12 Professional Speakers

ABOUT THE EVENT / come and learn

For decades the National Space Society has been a strong advocate for creating vast settlements to allow human beings to expand beyond the Earth. What has been a bold vision of the future for humanity is now becoming reality. Humanity has begun the first concrete steps towards space settlement and the next decade will be one of the most pivotal eras in human history. Today we are beginning the journey to becoming a multi-planet species.


In recognition of these momentous developments, the National Space Society is convening the Space Settlement Summit to bring together the leading people, companies and organizations that are making space settlement a reality.

Participation in this event will be by invitation only and is limited to a very select group of people who will set the cultural message of near term Space Settlement and those who will build and finance it.

The objective of the event is to show the synergistic in-space ecosystem that is emerging; to facilitate a convergence of interests and opportunities amongst the key players; and to identify critical issues along the path to Space Settlement.

This summit will bring together not only the companies and organizations that are charting this new frontier, but also the thought leaders who are constantly innovating new ways for Space Settlement to flourish in the immediate future.


Perched four blocks above the shoreline, Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica is a stimulating destination. Overlooking Santa Monica, the mountains, and the Pacific Ocean, our impressive setting is inspiring. The nearby beach is ideal for swimming, surfing, and sailing, and golf, tennis, and rollerblading are easily arranged.

A relaxed beach attitude is complemented by indulgent comforts at Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica.

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We are at the dawn of a new era for humanity where our breakthroughs in space settlement makes our dreams of life beyond Earth a reality. The National Space Society is continuing its role as the leading voice for Space Settlement allowing us to move closer to build thriving communities beyond Earth.


Enjoy a Day 1 with  Dale Amon, Mark Hopkins, Bruce Pittman, Hoyt DavidsonKirby Ikin, John Mankins, Karlton Johnson…

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Enjoy a Day 2 with  Dr. Hugh Herr, Gonzalo Martinez, Dale Amon

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